Another OBJ back up question!

Alright if OBJ is out or questionable who do I sub in for him

I have
Josh doctson… I mean crowder… Not doctson sry
Corey Davis
Corey Coleman
Jordan Matthews

That’s the order in thinking about playing them… Doctson is safe I feel.
Coleman and Davis are kinda boom bust.

It’s week 1 so it’s not a must win… But I’m thinking unless OBJ is 100% I’d be better off subbing him out

I would say that Jordan Mathews is the safest…He only has Zay to battle for targets with. Doctson has Pryor, Crowder, and Reed ahead of him. Corey Davis is coming off injured preseason and into his first NFL game. OBJ at less than 100% is better than any of these options in my opinion. I’m in the same exact boat but have Moncreif, Corey Davis, Paul Richardson, Sterling Shepard, Zay Jones as options. I’m rolling the dice and thinking he plays…if he doesn’t, then I guess Shepard.

He has Charles clay to battle targets with* believe it or not I think Clay is his number one target this week

Coleman. Not sure how Matthews is safe. He’s hurt and hasn’t had time to work with his new (and not very good) QB.

If OBJ plays, you play him. You don’t want to be the guy who loses by 10 with OBJ blowing up on your bench. But if he doesn’t, I’d go Coleman.

OBJ plays Sunday night, so make your decision early! another puzzle piece lol

Crap I have crowder instead of doctson. That I listed.

Does that change anyone’s opinions?

I would play Coleman.