Another Rate my Draft/How can I improve?

Just drafted last night and was wondering what everyone thinks? If anywhere, how could I improve my roster in order to solidify it prior to the season beginning?

All criticism is helpful, it’s 10-team standard also!

Trade Hunt for whatever you can get for him.

Youre using up a bench spot for 9 weeks for a guy who we all have no idea what his usage is going to be. For 75% of your regular season youre at a disadvantage.

Draft wise B+

I would also drop your kicker and DST and pick up some players with upside until the season starts.

  1. Hold the Ravens! They have the best two matchups in week 1/2. Dolphins and Cards!
  2. You’ve added risk to RB1 and RB2 with injury and new team. Ouch. Try not to double up on risk in the early rounds. Rollin’ the dice.
  3. Goff is a great QB that I see going in rnds 10/11. Hope you got him late.
  4. Totally agree that Hunt should not be on your roster. Chubb will dominate all year and i don’t see them doing anything more than splitting workload late in the year.

Yeah Hunt was a late round pickup that I didn’t intend on getting. I’ve never played with an IR spot before and was hoping I could place him there…turns out I can’t lol. I got Goff in round 11/12 though after missing out on Newton who was my intended target in round 10.
Who would you try to turn Hunt into it anything? I’d have to pair him with someone else I’m sure.
I’m keeping the Ravens for sure for week 1/2.

The RBs are definitely risky so it’s either going to workout great or not at all lol. I rolled the dice for sure