Another silly keepter post

An overabundance of options can always be confusing. The following players would all count as 11th rounders in the upcoming season (only a 13 round total and a 2 round penalty for those undrafted and claimed off of waivers): Deshaun Watson, Josh Gordon, Dion Lewis, and Juju-Smith Schuster. As far as value for the 11th round goes, any one of them would be nice, however we can only keep 1! The lean is Deshaun Watson for me, but looking for some other viewpoints. Cheers!

rule of thumb for me is to never keep TEs or QBs unless there is just a huge gap in talent. like if they were all the same round and it was watson or someone like kenny golliday, ill take watson. but with gordon, lewis, and juju all there that knocks watson out. im not SOLD on gordon be fantasy relivent so ill take him out. dion lewis is a great back in a good system for what he does, but it hasnt been seen yet and he has an injury history so ill take him out. juju is a young talent, you will get a good value on him as he is going 4th round right now, he has a top end QB and showed last year just how good he can be. i say take juju.