Another superflex $50 leaguesafe dynasty startup on sleeper

Some notes for this league

  • All votes will be done without me having a vote
  • Votes for rules 2/3 majority to pass
  • Votes for disputes majority to pass
  • No arguing about things if you have an issue put it to vote
  • Trades will only be denied based on collusion
  • Read the settings I will not stand for complaints about settings that were posted from the beginning
  • If you trade a future years round 1 or 2 pick you have to pay half of that years dues
  • Prize structure is 400 150 50
  • Person who finishes the league in the 7 spot gets first pick and so on until the playoff teams where the team in 6 gets the 7th pick then so on
  • This is a slow draft do not rush people we have jobs this will not be tolerated

Roster 1qb 2rb 3wr 1 te 3flex 1 superflex 16 bench

ppr te 1 point extra ppr

message me on sleeper jre17259 or email me at if your interested

Bump. 3 Spots left

made another league 9 spots left

just hit ya up on sleeper