Another trade advice needed

Alright so I about to trade away Drake for Mike Williams and a 3:rd round pick. Is it worth it?
I have Freeman, Mixon and Aron Jones and a couple of other backs. WR I have is Landry, Tyrell Williams, Ross, the guy in dolphins that just can’t make it, Edelman and a couple of other guys. I’m just not feeling it with Drake and want to get something before his value goes downhill.

I would ship out Drake if I were you but I wouldn’t sell Mike Williams. The Chargers have made it pretty clear that they want him to be a part of their future. I would try and sell drake, but wouldn’t trade Williams.

Thanks for input. That’s kind of what I’m thinking as well. But as always when it close to a done deal I’m freaking out! :sweat_smile:

If possible try selling both Drake and Jones (unless it’s Dynasty) and getting that 3rd round pick and something else to make it all even out. I like Freeman and Mixon but Aaron Jones isn’t playing for at least the first four games and then he will have to earn a fantasy point producing spot, he won’t just be given it again.

It’s a dynasty. I still think Jones is the better back in Packers and will have significant role later in the season.

If it’s a dynasty I do not sell Mike Williams or Aaron Jones. I still want to get rid of Kenyan Drake but I am also in no hurry… I want to get rid of him because I don’t think he’s getting a good enough usage at the Dolphins facility unless they really believe he is only electric and not able to hold up to the beatings that a work horse back gets. For that exact same reason, I want to keep him, because in a Dynasty he may still become quite the relevant piece whether it is with the Dolphins or without them!