Another Trade Offer on the table

Hey guys,

I just got offered Kamara and Cooper for Adams and Carson… It is a 10-team standard scoring league.

There are some injury concerns on both sides of the deal but which are more concerning?

Carson gets a lot of carries the last weeks and the fumbling seems to be over for now.
Adams will probably miss his third straight game with his turf-toe and I’m getting a little bit frustrated.

Kamara gets Drew Brees back in the next few weeks and I think that this will boost his touches and overall scoring. But how concerning are the injuries?
Cooper is Top3 in scoring right now and I don’t know the exact target share but he should be good the rest of the way. But again there is the injury concern…

What do you think about this one?


Nobody? :slightly_smiling_face:

I think Carson is more valuable at the moment with standard scoring.

I mean both WRs are hurt as of now. I feel Cooper can come back sooner than later with Adams having a Toe thing that can linger for a while. I would say Kamara no doubt but since this is standard scoring I think I’d sit with Carson surprisingly. I mean Carson is playing this week too with Kamara possibly sitting out.