Another who wins

Another who wins

PPR with 2WR 2RB 1TE 4FLEX

Evans, Guice, Mayfield For. Hunt, Cooper, Lamar, 2019 2nd and 5th

Give me the Hunt side

I’d take the Hunt & Cooper side although I do think it’s really close.

Passing on Mike Evans who has started his career with 4 straight 1,000 yard seasons is really tough in dynasty but I’m still holding out hope that Amari can become an elite WR in the NFL. Hunt is obviously much more valuable than Guice despite Guice being a very attractive dynasty asset and I honestly prefer Lamar to Baker for fantasy purposes because of his rushing ability which is essentially a fantasy cheat code. The 2019 2nd is a nice bonus that helps make it a little easier to swallow losing Evans.

My lineup:

QB Cousins, Winston, Mayfield

WR Evans, Juju, Woods, Hogan, Stills, Snead, Doctson, Wright, Humphries, few Rookies

RB Cook, Duke, Crow, Montgomery, Dixon, Guice

TE Ertz, and the Seal

man. i keep evans and those picks. points above replacement for what you would give up with those two rounds doesn’t add more to your team points each week imo. ESPECIALLY with that many flex spots. keep your picks homz.

i lean the hunt side. i think it is fairly even, but the RB (Hunt) has at least done it in the NFL. Cooper might turn that corner. Losing the picks is not worth it IMHO.

I think he’s trading Evans and Guice and getting Hunt, Coop, and the picks. Or am I reading this wrong? @Jmart51 can you confirm?

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whoa. if that’s the case then for sure.

i was not sure myself, so i just worded the side i would want :slight_smile:

Yes, I receive the picks

I’ll take the Evans side.