Another Zeke Question

Here’s my situation, I’m currently 7-1 in a full PPR with Bell, Hunt, Ajayi, and picked up DMC and Morris last week off waivers at RB and I have M. Thomas, Baldwin, Hill, and D. Thomas at WR.

League mate offered Zeke for D. Thomas and Ajayi (Both I don’t really want to start anymore). Is this trade worth the risk having the handcuffs and my position, or not really worth it?

I would counter with just one player.

The zeke owner is probably on tilt so I would try to prey on his weakness.

No that trade isn’t worth it at all. He’s trying to pull one over on you. It looks like Zeke will probably be suspended (I know we’ve heard it before). I wouldn’t even trade Ajayi for Zeke if that’s the case. At the very least, you have to deal with the risk of him getting suspended…Not worth it by a long shot