Anthony miller, keep or drop for

i know a lot of people are targeting miller right now, but the waivers had some guys that caught my eye, any of these other guys as an upgrade?

rank em
Anthony Miller

Paris Campbell
Corey Davis
NKeal Harry (looks like its him and edelman)

I would not drop Miller for Gage, Davis, or Harry. I would consider Campbell…but I think it’s sort of a lateral move, so I probably wouldn’t feel compelled to make the move.

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Thanks for the feedback! Only Gage is available. Will check him out.

Paris Campbell was a big talk on the show as an add. I agree it’ll be tough one way or the other.

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I would be adding Campbell if I hadn’t already drafted him late in several of my leagues. But I think the question becomes who are you dropping. Campbell being an “add” doesn’t mean you should drop anyone to get him. For me, he and Miller are very similar in opportunities and I probably wouldn’t drop Miller to get him. But I think it’s pretty even, and wouldn’t be mad about someone making that transaction.


Didn’t end up putting any waiver claims in on wr to keep Miller.

Campbell is still out there though. I guess it comes down to, who do you trust more, Pee River or Trubisky (for now).

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There’s some drama in Chicago with Robinson. If he gets traded or refuses to play, etc., then Anthony Miller is the guy in Chicago. Don’t drop MIller till you know about Robinson. (Contract dispute).