Anthony Miller or Paris Campbell

Who do you like ROS, Campbell or Miller? Campbell just cleared waivers and I cant decide if i want to pick him up or not.

Team: (10 Team, .5 PPR)
QB: J Allen
RB: Jacobs, Drake, Taylor, Mostert. Gipson, Robinson
WR: Woods, AJ Brown, AJ Green, Lizard King, Desean Jackson, Anthony Miller
TE: Fant

Thanks footclan

I like Campbell due to his role as Rivers’s speedy slot guy in a PPR. The only concern is that they tend to run a lot but they’re a much better offense than the Bears imo.

Nice looking roster. I think I lean Campbell in a full PPR, half or standard I may hold Miller and see if anything happens with this Robinson situation.

He may become the defacto WR1 albeit for the bears. I have Campbell and he’s a solid option but is just a safe PPR play really unless Hilton goes down.

Format dependant but I lean Miller, but it’s close. I would drop Jackson if it was me for him and have both.

should’ve mentioned it was .5 PPR, that’s not a bad idea. I think i want to see if Doug Pederson was legit when he said he wanted to get desean more touches though. And yeah, I lean Campbell as a safer option based on receptions. I just find myself physically repulsed by the bears

Maybe see how the eagles look this week but I doubt Campbell will be there next week or not for free at least.

Tough call, maybe the deciding factor could be Wentz targets, Rivers targets and Trubisky targets… One clear weak link there.