Antonio Brown advice

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I’m in a keeper league and have Antonio Brown. I’m pretty stocked at wide receiver with Thielen, Woods, Gordon and Mike Williams. I have a few people inquiring about acquiring Brown off of me. What would a good price be for him? I’m not sure how I feel about him being in Oakland.

The main guy trying to acquire him has Aaron Jones Tarik Cohen has two running backs he might be able to part with and I could maybe use a little help in that department but more importantly I would like draft picks.


The longer you hold onto Brown the more value you will get for him at this point. I think a lot of people are making moves way too early. I personally would hold onto him with the other WRs you listed. I can’t respond about a good price for him since I usually trade player for player or package deals but it if I had to right now I would get a top 15 RB leaving Gurley out of the mix


My feelings on this…
If you need and can get 2 good RB’s it may be worth it. However, AB is a pretty pushy guy and will probably pressure Carr into giving him the ball a LOT of the time. Gruden historically has a go-to receiver that he prefers as well. I’m bullish on him staying as a top tier WR.

That being said, I have always been a much better predictor of RB success than WR success. Hope that helps in some way.

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I have Brown in my keeper league and I’m still happy to hold unless someone wants to offer something stupid in exchange. I have confidence he’ll still be a fantasy asset.

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