Antonio Brown / DeAndre Hopkins trade

Should I trade Hopkins and Fournette for Antonio and Dion Lewis in full ppr?

My other rbs are McKinnon, Michel, Royce Freeman, Clement, K Johnson.

We start 3 wr, 2 rb, one te, one flex

Is this dynasty? I have Hopkins over Brown and Fournette over Lewis, so thats the side by a long shot.

It’s redraft league

I wouldn’t do the trade, Brown is obviously better than Hopkins, but I don’t think they’ll finish all that far apart this year. Good RB’s win leagues, and I think Fournette helps you way more than Lewis will.

I like your position here. Hopkins & Leo is a better One Two punch than Brown & Lewis. I would stay as you have a nice crop of rbs right now. WRs are available. Hopkins should finish top 5, and Leo should finish in top 10 if he plays the games.

Don’t love Fornetter as much as most, but I’d definitely take the Hopkins/Fornette side

Two first round values for 1 first and one 4/5th round Value. Hopkins has a ceiling over Brown. Lewis does not have one over Fournette. No dice.

Definitely not. Even in PPR Fournette will push for top 7 RB. Due to age, I’d say that Hopkins and Brown are nearly a wash since I believe that what we say last year, and 3 years ago, from Hopkins is what we’ll see for the next 5, and Antonio Brown…
You’ve got two young studs for a legend and a back in a timeshare with injury history. There’s an argument for either side, but i think Hopkins/Fournette is the stronger combo.

Hopkins does not have a higher ceiling than Brown and has a lower floor, but the overall package is still better, imo.

I don’t mean his ceiling is higher I just mean theres a world where Hopkins is 1 and Brown is 2 .
The same isn’t true for the RBs barring injury.

I’d keep Hopkins and Fournette. Even in full PPR, Fournette will out produce Lewis just because of volume. The WRs are pretty much a push.

I would keep Fournette and Hopkins. When you are starting 3 receivers Brown may outscore Hopkins in a few games but most of the time they will be close. Your other backs outside of McKinnon aren’t established as a RB1/2 week in and out. And Lewis may not get that job done week in and out either.