Antonio Brown Drama Thread

AB getting moved or staying put? If he gets moved, where do you guys think he goes? Thoughts?

His response to Kittle’s tweet is intriguing.

But can you imagine if AB went to the 9ers how stacked that team would be?!

Jimmy G
Jerrick &/or Breida

And the chiefs proved this year its all about offense.


We would for sure be stacked, but gotta stay healthy. And Goodwin is an excellent receiver as well. We have the cap room for him or Bell. There’s also rumors the niners would make a move for OBJ if he becomes available

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I just looked at “over the cap” for them and even if you were to give Kittle 10M in 2020 they still a ton of room for 1 or 2 more elite options.

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Ya we have a lot of space. Not as much as NYJ or Indy but a lot

Here’s an entire article on it. As usual, a lot of it sounds like typical Tomlin not wanting to “commit” to anything one way or the other to the social media. BUT…there are a couple of things that definitely lend doubt as to Brown’s future with the Steelers.

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He sure was showing out on that new FOX mystery singer show tonight though. Was that live?

I didn’t get to watch the show, but have seen it advertised. AB was on it??

Ya he was the big secret reveal at the end of the episode

I think it was taped during the off season.

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Ya in june. Just great timing for the show that Brown got so much media focus right before the episode aired

I wonder if he didn’t stage the ‘drama’ to bring his name into the media because he knew that was about to air.

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