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Antonio Brown Dynasty Trade Value


I am in standard dynasty league

My questions are mainly this

How many more years do you think Antonio Brown has at being elite?

If you had Antonio brown but placed last in the league the last three years what would it take to give him up to make your team all around better. If you traded away Antonio Brown you would still have Mike Evans and Michael Thomas as your starting WRs.

If your starting RBs were Doug Martin and Matt Forte. How enticing would would it be to add Lat Murray, Rob Kelley, and three draft picks which if the draft fell right would turn into kareem hunt, samaje perine, and a player like marlon mack; in a trade.

The trade I am thinking of offering would be Drew Brees, the running backs and draft picks that were listed in the last question, and Delanie Walker. Everyone in this trade is expendable for me except Brees, I would have to work with a rotation of Cam and Stafford and the only starting QB on waiver wire right now is Tannahill.


To answer the questions in order:

  1. I think Brown can be elite for as long as the Steelers have good Qb play. I think Ben will be gone after 2-3 years max, so if the Steelers can find someone better than Landry Jones (shouldn’t be hard) to replace him then I think Brown will be fine.

  2. I think you would have to get a first round pick and some more to make up for the loss of Brown, especially since in redraft he’s going at 1.04 right now ADP wise.

  3. Although your running backs are weak, I don’t think acquiring Murray, Kelley and those picks is all that great, since Murray is likely to be only a backup, Kelley has an unsure future and may be splitting reps with Perine. You wouldn’t have very solid starters to begin the year.

  4. I think Cam and Stafford is a great combo to rock with, even though Brees would be ideal. But if making your roster overall better is the priority, I’ll take the youth of Cam and Stafford over Brees long term.


I would say trade Brown 1 for 1 for a top tier RB. See if you can grab Zeke with the suspension looming. He won’t be hit too hard and McFadden/Hillman is basically free.


That’s a good suggestion but I think he would have to give up a bit more. I think any seasoned dynasty player wouldn’t give Zeke up just because of a suspension for one season.


Always give someone the chance to be a moron. lol If not 1 for 1 add Murray or Kelley to the list, I don’t think either will be startable. And get Quizzz.