Antonio Brown Dynasty Trade

Half point Dynasty.
WRs Adams, M. Thomas, Fitzgerald, D. Thomas, Goodwin, Godwin, Garçon, Moncrief, and John Brown.
RBs Kamara, Howard, CMC, Dion Lewis, Coleman

Antonio Brown for M Thomas, Howard, Coleman, and the 1.06
Is this too much for Brown or should I run with it?

I think it’s too much, and I wouldn’t part with Coleman. He will be a highly touted free agent next year and could land in a spot that significantly increases his value… he has 3 down pedigree just needs a starting gig.

AB > MT (1 tier difference but MT is much younger)
Nothing <<< Howard (solid RB2 with low RB1 upside)
Nothing << Coleman (contract year, should get workhorse role next year)
Nothing < Penny/Chubb (unknown, high potential)

There is no way AB (and I LOVE him) is worth all that.

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Waaayyyy too much

Stick with what you got, solid team.

Yikes, I love AB, and it’s hard to overpay for him…but this is overpaying. You’re giving up another WR1 (obviously not as elite but he is younger), a high end RB2 with real RB1 upside, and another low end RB2/flex…and a draft pick. I wouldn’t do it.

I’m not even positive with your roster that I would go MT and Howard, you don’t have a tone of RB depth. But that’s more along the lines of a fair trade for you. I’d try and include another WR in the deal instead of Howard…Maybe like MT, Moncrief, and Coleman, and the 1.06? Idk I’m just spit balling here really.

No way I do that trade.

Lol thanks for the input guys. Did not take the trade. Just wanted to test the water.

So let me ask this. Obviously Brown is the better receiver than Thomas. What would you trade with Thomas for Brown? The team that has him needs depth at WR and RB and would probably require a 3 for 1 Trade or 2 really good players. Thomas has to be in the trade.

Rbs don’t have to be involved necessarily

I would look at it this way. Are you, after whatever trade you make for Brown, one of the top contenders for a championship in the next two years (I have my doubts, based on what I’m seeing, but I don’t have all the information). If so, the trade makes sense. Of not, I don’t think it does.

For me, Brown and Bell are both sell candidates this year. I may be a year early, but I’d rather get full price a year early than pennies on the dollar a year late.

Edit: this only really applies if you’re not a contender. If you are, go for that ship.

I agree with everything @DFWB said; but, if you will be a top 2 team after making a move and you’re dead set on Brown I would do one of these:
MT, Howard, and Fitz OR DThom
MT, Howard, future pick.

Trading Howard thins out your RB depth but you should be fine with Lewis/Coleman/waiver wire in a spot start.

I do not think you can afford to trade 3 WRs because your other options aren’t consistently startable yet (Goodwin should be soon) or are middle of the road guys (Garcon).

Your team is super young and talented; if I were you, I would try to trade Fitz and DThom for more young talent, like ARob, not AB.

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Love it thanks again guys for all the help.

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