Antonio Brown for Ertz and Boyd?

Should I trade Brown for Ertz and Boyd? My TE right now is Evan Engram but he is questionable. Antonio Brown is on a bye week. I am 1-5, should I make this trade?

I would not do this at all. You are getting picked off for your stud because of your record. What is the rest of your team and are you likely to win this week?

My team:
-Matt Ryan
-Phillip Lindsay

-Antonio Brown
-Mike Williams
-Lamar Miller
-Vance McDonald

I am not projected to win this week he has a really good team. I was trying to get Tevin Coleman and A.J Green from him but he wouldn’t give up Green.

Don’t trade Brown for a TE ever! I think your team is just fine play the waivers for a TE

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You must have been seriously unlucky to be 1-5? Your team is pretty solid.
That’s trash from the guy trying to trade with you, you are getting bad deals due to your record. If you cant get Green and Coleman at least for AB the tell the guy to forget it and carry on with your team.

I get 1-6 may be painful but your team will be really good with AB in the lineup as well, nothing to stop a late season playoff run. Don’t trade your best guys away for pennies

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Yeah I have been so unlucky… Most points scored against and I currently am only 20 points behind the person that is 6-0… Will it be too late to make playoffs though if I lose this week?

If you have points deciders instead of head to head record in case of teams finishing with the same record you absolutely have a chance as you will likely be near the top in total points scored so would comfortably get in if you ended tied with people at 8-6. (assuming your playoffs are week 15 and 16?)
I don’t know how close your league is but if it’s like mine there are looking to be a few teams on either 8-6 or 9-5 and it will come down to points scored, there is a team just like you who is 2-4 but should be 4-2 based on points totals so it can work out.

You have the team to put up points and sounds like you have already so no need to give in yet!

I’m fine with trading AB, but not for this even though I love both of the other players. I would try to get a WR1 and something else back.