Antonio Brown/Gronk Trade! Urgent

12 Team .5 PPR
My Team
RBs: Doug Martin, Joe Mixon, Rob Kelley, J Stew
WRs Hogan, Fuller, Corey Davis, Agholor (Lost OBJ and Arob)
TE: Gronk

Was offered Antonio Brown for Gronk and Mixon. That’s giving up a little too much, right? Was thinking of asking him to add one of his RBs. He has Ingram, McGuire, Duke Johnson, CJ Anderson. Who do you think I should ask to add or do you think the trade is fair as is? Or should I not even bother? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

I would rather have the ab side of that trade. Try to get a rb in return

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If you’re getting ab you win this trade by a mile. Just hit accept.

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Get Antonio Brown!!! He’ll play 16 games, Gronk won’t. Also, Mixon is good but worth giving up for AB. If he’ll give you another back, it doesn’t hurt to ask. He might part with McQuire as a threw in. But I’d, personally, do it even if he refuses to give up another back.

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Thank you! Really appreciate it.