Antonio brown help

Do i sign martavis bryant on the off chance brown is out and drop doyle (i have gronk)? Put in Alshon Jeffery in that spot? Or just let it ride and hope Antonio pulls through. Fighting for a bye. Win and i get it.

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I would drop Doyle unless you have any Bengals to play? I stuck Brown in my flex for 2 leagues and Mixon to cover for him in both if needed.

No bengals. I could pick up lafell instead of bryant.

Or move mixon into flex and start crowell

The Chargers do not have a good run D so I’m actually good with your Mixon Crowell move! Its just if you lose Doyle and JuJu and Brown play there is a good chance Bryant gets you 1 catch for 7 yards or something crazy. Is this a win to get in scenario? If I were you I would put crowell in there and wait and see

Its a win and get a bye scenario to still some decent steaks

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Yeah I would roll with the RBs then. Safer floor and you don’t have to give up a really good BU TE

Crow show in rbs.

Mixon in flex for now if ab plays ill roll him in. Thanks!

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