Antonio Brown Issues

How desperate would you be to move AB? My team is a contender but I’ve been trying to move him.

Let me know opinions on these potential deals.

  1. AB + Kerryon for Adams + Fuller
  2. AB + Kerryon for Hopkins + Coleman
  3. AB + Montgomery for Julio + Pettis

I would wait to move him…his value is at an all time low…only reason you should move him at this point would be if you feel he wont play football…if he is on the field he will be more valuable then he is right now. As for the options 2 would be the way to go. 1/3 is giving to much up monty could be top 12 back and would you trade your 2/3 turn for #7 pick in a start up draft?

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Agreed with @boardereric9, especially since you are contending. As far as the offers, I like the Hopkins Coleman trade.