Antonio Brown offer

I had Antonio Brown in Dynasty. Another guy offered me Calvin Ridley and his next two years 1st picks for AB and my 3rd and 4th round this year picks. Thoughts?

Take it and run!

If you are not a contender, I would take that trade. If you are a contender, I would stick with AB.

I would suggest that even as a contender, I would take the deal. If you are a true contender AB is your WR3 or WR4? Ridley is a good WR3/4 replacement. And the firsts can help support a dynasty.

What? If you have AB in a dynasty format as your WR3/4, you must be drafting with morons.

Edit: It does depend on where those picks are projected though. If they are early picks, then you could make that trade even as a contender. If they late round picks, like I said, I’d pass unless you’re rebuilding

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No I’m not rebuilding. Contending

Do those picks project to be early or late? TBH i’m always in for win now. Having a chance at winning this season with AB outweighs possibility of potentially hitting a gamble in next years draft. If you truely have a contending team and AB is what puts you over the top, I’d stick with him. He’s going to get fed. Lower quality targets but a tonne nonetheless