Antonio Brown on Waivers! How much FAAB!

Someone in my Megalabowl league dropped AB after he was waived and before NE signed him!
How much FAAB would you use to acquire him??? We have $100 for the season.

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ummm ill make it easy…100

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All of it.

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At least a Kittle, probably 2 Kittles :joy::rofl::clown_face:


Near 100 faab

Thanks. Looking at blowing the whole $100. It’s like getting another first or second round draft pick.
And, I’ll get to pair him with JuJu on my team. :rofl:

Trade someone for just faab and bid all of it.

How much faab for Brady?

Get your own thread


Yeah, it’s a no brainer for me. Bid every single cent you can.

I did thanks bro :+1:

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Hey @jptfhoffmann can you please tag @Megaladmin in your league chat so I can take a look

I think I just did.

everything you possibly have

I bid $100. And did. Not. Get. Him.

4 teams bid $100. Other bids: $95, $84, $34, $16 and $0

Hey, you guys remember when you spent $100 FAAB on Antonio Brown?


LOL!!! you had to res this thread haha

I was reading this post thinking this was going on today and I thought we had some real questionable members on this site.

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What a bust lol. Hope this guy gets some help…