Antonio Brown or Hopkins ROS?

Didn’t want to hi-jack another post so here this is. Who do you prefer?

Pheww, this is so close that the difference likely isn’t significant. I’d lean Brown just for his fantasy playoffs schedule. Oak, NE, NO, Cin to close out the year. Gonna be some big games. Hopkins has a good schedule too though.

Yeah it does feel a bit close. Here’s where I am on this.


  1. Good playoff schedule (CLE, IND, NYJ, PHI)
  2. Terrible run game
  3. Huge target share
  4. Less coverage with DT in the mix.
  5. Consistent TDs


  1. Good playoff schedule(LAC, OAK, NE, NO)
  2. Featured run game in Conner
  3. Huge target share
  4. Less coverage with JuJu but he takes some production away
  5. Consistent TDs
  6. It’s Antonio freakin’ Brown.

Would love to make a trade for one of them in my league and I’m conflicted as to who to go for.

Brown. Def Brown.