Antonio Brown or JuJu tonight?

There has not been any definitive answer on whether AB will play tonight and if he does how much he would be involved. I have JuJu on my bench, should I start JuJu to be safe or go all out with AB?

According to ESPN AB is playing. But he was apparently favoring that toe in practice earlier. I don’t know how productive he’ll be…but…he IS AB, who has played like wildfire with injury many times. So…hard to say. But if he doesn’t make it through the night it would make sense that JuJu will definitely see a good bit of action.

AB is playing, but I think Juju at the end will be a good play. But it’s hard to sit your studs…


It’s a TRAP! I wouldn’t be surprised if tomorrow we hear that Juju had a 20pt BOOM game. But I still play Brown I think

I’m up by 19 points with JuJu or AB left playing against Pitt defense, so I think JuJu is probably what I’m going with because of the safer bet

I think AB could be a decoy… Bengals DST is actually good against WRs… and Ben will need to go to someone. I would lower your expectations.

OK y’all…here’s MY dilemma. I desperately need this win tonight. So far I’ve got it. BUT…my opponent has both Mixon and AB tonight. I’ve got PIT DST. Sitting in last place in the Play Off Bracket. I’ve got 116 pts, he has 61. As long as PIT doesn’t choke and get less than 10 pts I think I’m OK, but…it’s Cincy. What y’all think???

I think you will be okay. I am playing against the Pits D which means they will probably go off

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LOL. I thought I was the only one that had that kinda luck. But…for what it’s worth, thanks for vote of confidence. Best of Luck my friend!!!

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