Antonio Brown or Saquon Barkley?

I’m in a standard 12-man league. As a Giants fan do I take Saquon? As someone who wants to win, is it smarter to take Antonio Brown? I have the 5th pick and I know it’s going to come down to the two.


Since it is a standard league, the choice should be Barkley. If PPR, the choice would be Brown. Barkley will get both carries and targets.

AB for me, you are not going to find anyone that’s going to give you the production he does. You could even take another top notch Wr in the second round, and get decent runningbacks in the third and fourth.

I’ve done this myself twice now in standard scoring and have ended up with Brown and Hopkins on one team, and Brown and Julio Jones on the other. Even if you ended up with AJ Green you’ll end up having one of the best receiving corps in your league. Doing this your looking at runningbacks like Howard, Drake, Freeman, Mixon… As much as I have preached about Saquon and how great I think he is going to be, especially if none of the other stud runningbacks are available to me, I cannot pass of Antonio Brown for him.

It goes without saying, you could still take a runningback in the second round if my theory of going WR WR in the beginning does not sound good.

Saquon. A workhorse RB is the most valuable and rare commodity in Fantasy.

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There’s no wrong answer here, just depends on how you want to build your team. IMO Brown is in a tier of his own at WR and you won’t find anyone who’ll consistently put up the points he does week in and week out. Everyone loves Saquon and knows he’ll get volume, catch passes, & be involved no matter what the game script is; the only thing is that he’s an unknown right now, but he’s probably the best/most sure-fire RB prospect since Zeke

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I was In the same situation as you. 12 man Standard League 5th pick. I went AB. But I suggest going RB heavy after that. There’s a lot of depth at WR

I’m on the AB train

I’d say go with AB. It’s hard to pass on someone with his type of consistency.

If your a Giants fan take Barkley if your confident in him! AB is proven and a awesome way to start your team but a workhorse RB is hard to come by and with him also being on your favorite team it makes it that much more worth it to win with him

No wrong answer, and hey you might get lucky and have one of the big 4 RBs drop to you too!

Thanks, boys!