Antonio Brown plus Mccoy Trade

Someone offered me Antonio Brown for Chubb, Juju and Gronk. Should i make the trade as is, or ask for something more or dont even bother. Thanks

My team: wentz, gurley, mcCaffery, mack, julio jones, john brown, ito smth, Sony Michel and malcolm brown.

His team: newton, brees, howard, Aaron jones, boyd, graham, cohen, mccoy, landry, funchess, njouku

I know AB is awesome, but that seems like your are sending alot of good players for him. I would atleast another payer with AB. Maybe AB+ Boyd or Cohem.

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I’d say yes with how stacked you are at RB and how slim you are at WR.

I wouldn’t.

A team of

RB gurley, CMC
WR: Julio, AB
Flex: whomever week to week

Sounds lethal for play offs. That being said, the trade is probably fair or even in your favor.

I get AB. Would you still trade three players for AB

He offered me doug martin. Should i take the offer?