Antonio Brown trade help please! (THANK YOU!)

All - I need RB help given that Connor and Yeldon have a clock on them and am considering trading AB for Kareem Hunt then flipping Hunt since my WRs will be weak to another owner for JuJu/Fournette and maybe Graham. It’s a 10-team, 2QB/3WR keeper league (and juju went for cheap).

Also, I’m 5-0 so have some buffer here to wait for Fournette to get healthy since I have yeldon too…

RB: Melvin Gordon, James Connor, TJ Yeldon, Ekeler
WR: Julio Jones, AB, Josh Gordon, Kenny Stills
TE: streaming
QB: Watson / Big Ben

If you’re gonna trade AB, see if you can get Kamara with him. It’s now or never in the event the owner got down on Kamara after last night. AB for Hunt is a losing trade for you by a lot. I would def advise against that one.

@falcones404 - thanks. I’m guessing you also think AB for JuJu/Fournette/Graham is bad since that’s what I’d ultimately end up with? My logic is that I have Yeldon so Yeldon/Fournette locks me into a RB1. OH - also important info, I’m 5-0 so have some buffer here…

That is perfect that you’re 5-0 bc I would def recommend going after Bell and Fournette since you have the breathing room in your record to wait on those situations to pan out. Or else could prob use Yeldon to get something excellent from Fournette owner (which I think is preferable to giving up Conner/Bell possibility - would much rather have Conner/Bell ROS). Then, can use your new pieces to figure out how to get Bell. Or just go straight to Bell, whatever works. I’d just figure out how to leverage those situations instead of giving up AB for any reason. Your team is awesome and has a huge amount of upside even so, if you are able to secure Bell in particular.