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Antonio Brown Trade in Dynasty League


Check this out. Thoughts? This is a 1/2 PPR Empire League going into it’s 3rd year. I won the championship in Year 1, got 3rd place last year. His and my rosters are below.

I was just offered David Johnson/Jordy Nelson/Derrick Henry for Antonio Brown/Marshawn Lynch/Mike Gillislee

I just can’t seem to stomach giving up Brown?!

My Roster:

His Roster:


this is how i would break it down. figure out which players are about on the same level, and then think about who would you rather have between them.

AB vs DJ
for me thats DJ all day long. younger and puts up equal to greater points

Jordy vs Lynch
i want jordy here. age plays a role, but it plays a bigger role with RBs who JUST got back into the league. plus its rodgers main redzone guy. pretty much a lock for 10+ TDs

Derrick Henry vs Mike Gillislee
definitely this year, its gill. henry has that potential long term upside, but he also isnt really proven yet at the NFL level as a full time back.

so i do it. you have enough talent on your bench at WR to cover ABs loss. i mean not fully point wise cause it is AB. you get a top 5 running back for the next 5+ years easy. getting jordy out of the deal is nice as well, just not for as long. and henry is a long term investment. he is a guy that could be top 10 for 8+ years or so depending on when murray leaves or gets bumped down. so its not the perfect trade for you but you get a TON of value out of it long term. the guy you are trading with just wants to win now. where with this trade you have the potential to do both. win now, AND down the road.


Thanks for your input!


I concur with this assessment.

Yea, it’s hard to give up a stud, but you are getting a top three RB, a very serviceable WR replacement, and a future RB in a run-heavy offense. I’d do this trade all day, every day.


The Ballers have Jordy as a Tier 1. DJ is obviously #1. Lynch is unknown…he might only have a year, he might get injured.

I may counter with giving him Abdullah instead of Gillislee. Thoughts on that?


Personally, I’d keep Abdullah over Gillislee because of the 1/2 PPR scoring format and my aversion to NE running backs at this point.

Feel free to counter, but I think Abdullah has more upside than Gillislee since Detroit likes to “run through the air” a lot.


I was basing this off the Ballers UDK draft tiers. They have Abdullah and Gillislee both in Tier 4, but Gillislee at the top of the tier and Abdullah at the bottom.


Yea, but keep in mind, in tier based ratings everyone in that tier is considered interchangeable. So the fact that one is near the top and the other near the bottom shouldn’t impact you much.

Another consideration is you said this is dynasty so you are not only considering what helps you to that #footclantitle this year, but what helps you over the next several years. Again, I think I give the edge there to Abdullah over Gillislee.


Massively in your favor.


I like the trade. We have no idea what life after Big Ben looks and yes AB is talented but who would get him the ball in 2 years possibly if Ben decides to retire. DJ is the hottest want with OBJ this year. I love Jordy. Think he breaks all the age rules as a WR and is Rodgers BFF. Henry will be a monster if Murray went down (some injury history and the age) Henry could be a starter next year or by 2019 for sure. Lynch is short term, win now sort of guy. 1 or maybe 2 years out him. I hate NE RBs… Does everyone remember Jonas Gray??? Besides Blount as a TD monster last year there hasn’t been much consistency in the NE backfield week in and week out. Rather take a stash than a hopeful player to get touches in a crowded back field.


Also your roster would be stacked with some good youth at RB! And your WR corp wouldnt hurt much by losing AB considering that Jordy can come close to that production. Also as stated I rather have Henry than any RB under Belitricks