Antonio Brown Trade Question

.5 PPR league… Unfortunately I’m currently sitting at 0-4. I’ve had some tough breaks thus far (Mckinnon, Drake, RW as my QB). However I’m trying to turn it around by adding some depth to my team. Someone offered me Baldwin, Breida, and James White for Antonio Brown and Alfred Morris. Should I do this trade? I hate to trade AB as it will downgrade me at WR, however this would give me depth at RB which I feel is always more important than WR. Thanks for the input.

No. That’s an awful trade. To give you a sense for value, here are some recent trades I have made myself for AB and I’ve seen others do.

Trade 1: JJS, Kerryon, Allison, Vance for AB, Powell, Ebron
Trade 2: Lynch + Adams for AB
Trade 3: Allen + Cooper for AB + Kittle
Trade 4: JJS + Michel + Godwin for AB + Ekeler

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What does the rest of your roster look like?

Current Roster is:

QB: RW, Bortles
RB: CMC, Drake, Yeldon, Powell, Alf, Foreman
WR: AB, Cobb, Taywan Talor, Crowder
TE: Engram, Watson

Yeah maybe I am bailing too early and undervaluing AB.

I lucked out an was able to get AB last week for Agholor & Howard.

Honestly, i don’t get the panic. He’s getting you around 15 points in half ppr as his floor. And you know what he is capable of in terms of blow up games. And he now gets the Falcons which is a cake matchup.

Hang tight or if you do trade, at least get some value.

Yeah its not that I’m down on AB, its that besides him and CMC I’m not getting production. So the debate is whether to sell AB for good depth.

This is totally reasonable. That’s exactly what I offered to get AB in one of my leagues. Dude had zero depth and was starting like Powell as his RB2. Take a look at the trades above. All of those were pretty fair trades imo and that’s what you should be targeting to get.