Antonio Brown trade!?

I was just offered Mark Ingram, Danny Amendola, and Greg Olsen for Antonio Brown…this is a .25 PPR. My other wr are Boyd, Cooper, and Tre Smith (NO)…RBs are only Kerryon Johnson, L. Murray, and Corey Clement…Fighting for my Playoff life right now and not sure if this will help my team or not…also this is a league we’re startitn a TE is optional

I personally would rather have the Antonio Brown side of this deal. Especially since the TE is optional.

Thanks, Yeah that’s kinda what my gut tells me…I do the RB help especially with Murray not being the long term solution. I do think I’m going to shop Brown around though to see if I can get a true RB1 for him and gamble that Boyd and hopefully another WR will carry my team

Yeah I feel like you could probably get a better offer from someone else. Or get a better receiver than Amendola from this guy.

No way at all. Ingram isn’t the stud he was last year. Amendola is pretty much meh, a WR4 and Olsen is an ok TE, but if TE is optional I wouldn’t even start one other than Ertz or Kelce this year.

I just counter offered AB &Kerryon for E. Elliot


Cancel that.

Brown is worth an RB one straight up.

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I agree with above.

What about Joe Mixon then straight up? That would give me Mixon and Kerryon as my RB and Boyd, Cooper, and T. Smith as my WRs…I have bids then on Parker, both Moore’s, and Koutee

The first offer is a joke for you. Even with Mixon, i’d want a WR2 or 3 in addition. QB or solid defense. Mixon straight up isn’t enough for Brown IMO.

Think about the order of a draft if it were conducted today. MIxon would be relatively high (maybe end of first round) but Brown would still be top 8. I agree with Fecker.

If you’re fighting to stay in the playoff race why trade AB for Mixon who is on bye this week? Given your RB and WR core if you trade AB you need a stud starter coming back who is playing now and past the bye week ideally. If you trade AB for Mixon straight up and you face a strong opponent this week you’ll likely lose looking at your RB/WR starters unless your sitting on Mahommes and Kelce and Greg the leg here but even then.
As Zeke had a down week before his bye you could ask for him straight up for AB with how consistent AB has been. If you give up a matchup proof stud player you get the same in return or multiple high end starters or nothing.

Mixon is good, like him a lot and have shares in my main league but you need him plus a WR2 IMO for AB, nothing less.
In your position I’d keep AB, even if you got Zeke from this guy look at his schedule between now and week 15, the Eagles twice, the Saints, Washington again and the Titans before his awesome playoff games. All those teams are very good against the run and Washington shut Zeke down so if half of those games he’s single figures for you that could sink your week. AB has a better schedule but it’s irrelevant for him because he is truly matchup proof and Ben has to throw a lot with their D the way they are.

Stick with AB or get Mixon and a WR2 at least but assuming you need to win every week here a player on a bye is useless to you.

EDIT - as @Fins777 says is this keeper/dynasty or straight redraft? That will change the approach slightly but if you want to win now not a huge amount for me I’d still treat it the same. Building for next year different tactics sure

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Is this a keeper league? If it is I would do AB for Mixon straight personally

I agree for sure. That trade is very subjective and if you want to win now then I think AB should be valued higher than Mixon, even though I really like Mixon. I’ve been trying to trade for Mixon all year in my keeper league as my team has done very poor and I have played high score 5 weeks in a row now. Here’s to thinking Bell and CMC would be a great combo!

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Got it. Thanks guys