Antonio Brown Value

I’m in a dynasty league.

1 QB -Carr/Cam/Stafford/Big Ben
1 WR -Juju/AB/Fuller/Larry Fitz/C Samuel/J Ross/Keke/A Wilson
1 TE -Vance/Herndon

My question… Do I trade AB? I was offered the 7 and 9 overall for rookie draft this year. Is it worth it? I consider myself in a short rebuild but Idk if 7 and 9 are enough?

10 team league?

You have way too many qbs on your team btw. You could have so much more depth else where if you dropped a couple of them.

As far as brown, im always a man of trade picks for known talent. Ive seen too many picks for rookies never do anything. Dont forget that if you are going WR with those picks, that many wrs take 2 to 3 years before they produce as a starter.

If i was going to deal brown, and i did in one of my leagues, for your team id be looking to get a TE as that is your biggest need.

I wouldnt do this trade as i think he has 2-3 more great seasons left in him and with a TE you could be competing this season with that roster.

10 team… 8 wr max, 8 rb max, 4 qb max, 4 te max… the only reason I have all of those qbs is because there is no RB talent available via free agency. I do like the TE idea but im comfortable with Vance right now. I think he’ll have a decent breakout!

If you can only hold 18 players and you have 10 teams in your league, I bet I can find a RB/WR stash on your waivers worth holding over Stafford and/or Carr.

These are some guys who are likely on your waiver wire. They might not have immediate fantasy production, but could very well end up in your starting lineup:

CJ Anderson
Rod Smith
Justin Jackson
Mike Boone
Keith Ford
Marcus Murphy
Chris Warren

Randall Cobb
Donte Moncrief
Albert Wilson
Kenny Stills
Antonio Callaway
James Washington
Geronimo Allison
Deon Cain
Keelan Cole
Dede Westbrook

Who do you suggest? @getmadboy

I personally want any RB under Shanahan. I’d grab Jeff Wilson jr as a stash, and Wilkins as a start if Mack goes down. Both O-lines are primed to shoot their RB’s out of a cannon.

I don’t think much of Hines, which is why i favor Wilkins, btw.

I agree with @dgallagher8611. Jeff Wilson Jr and Jordan Wilkins are the guys I’d want. Only other guy I’m interested on that list is Burkhead because I don’t trust Michel’s knee holding up and I’m willing to gamble with that bench spot that Bellichick won’t feature White again if Burkhead is healthy. Patriots RBs generate A LOT of fantasy points, the problem is just trying to figure out which one it will be that particular week.

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I agree with your agreeableness