Antonio Brown woes

If he is designated to start should I consider starting Jared Cook? Most are telling me if Brown suits up I should roll with him but the nature of his injury is not clear at all. He was out there warming up earlier today so he does have his uniform on…

Brown said he feels much better today. If he plays you gotta play him. They need to win.

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Just got ruled inactive. Brown is not playing

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looks like Im starting Jared Cook, wish me luck!

Good luck mate. I’m starting Carr, so I’d be fine with 4 Carr to Cook TDs

Looking bad for both of us right now :worried:



Watched videos of news reels earlier today about PIT. Can’t seem to find them now…but…out of the several videos I watched…BIG BEN is covering something up, and…all this time…LEV BELL has been made to look like a money-hungry “I’M ALL THAT”…and now AB is apparently starting to put up a “stink”. Knee injury keeping him out of the game MY BUTT!!! (yeah…news has come out since about AB and Ben having a “disagreement”, hence, the reason he didn’t play)….NOPE…there’s something BIGGER going on in PIT right now…something’s MAJOR amiss with that team!!! BIG TIME FOLKS!!!

Not looking good for KEEPER PIT players!!! IDK folks…might want to check it out.

Anybody that might have follow up news…THANK YOU for posting it!!! This team is blowing my mind right now since I’ve got my eyes on a couple of them for next year’s draft!!!

Now I can’t find it, but on Twitter I saw where AB was asking to be traded. There were also several mentions of 49ers sort of reaching out to him including a tweet from George Kittle. For AB owners, there would be much worse places for him to end up than SF. Of course, it would be a very Patriot move for New England to make a play for him too.

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As a Niner fan I am more than ok with us landing AB somehow

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