Antonio Brown - Worth rostering in Dynasty?

What are the odds AB plays again, and if he does, will he be relevant? or is it worth grabbing a rookie WR and not spending the time thinking about AB ever again.

I don’t see how AB plays again. However, I was rewarded for holding onto Gronk in Dynasty for 3 years. Anything can happen and if he does come back he’s a WR1. If you have the room on your roster, you may want to take the wait and see approach.

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Depends on the rookie WR. If you have big benches and room, sure, might as well hold onto him, but don’t do it for someone that could actually help your team.

The WR I’m looking at is Van Jefferson. Assuming he won’t help much this year. The thought is I’ll probably want at least one spot on my bench to cycle guys (first time playing dynasty so that may not be a great strategy). If the season starts and AB isn’t rostered he is an easy cut. Not sure if it’s worth missing out on Jefferson though.

Jefferson over Brown for sure. Brown is so toxic to teams right now. Hold the guy who was a 2nd round pick.

what about stashing Luck in a SF?

I’m pretty sure Luck is done. Has there been any rumors of him coming back? Plus they brought in Rivers so Luck is probably done for good.