Antonio callaway or John brown ROS -PPR

Callaway or brown rest of season full ppr

Right now it’s John Brown for me, but I’d like to see what Callaway looks like with Baker getting a full week of practice, game-planning, etc. Baker looked Callaway’s way a good amount last night. I could be swayed on this one, but I’ll go with the veteran with a veteran QB right now.

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Assuming BAL John Brown, i would prefer to have him ROS. He seems to be more heavily targeted so more points via receptions. Callaway is more of the deep threat and boom or bust. Particularly with the volatility of a rookie QB (i think the browns are done with the Tyrod experiment).

Brown in a full PPR. He’ll get more targets assuming he stays healthy! Hopefully he does, he’s great when he plays.

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Agreed i was trying to find out if I could drop someone else on my bench but with mixon hurt and Bell being a hold out it would really be him or John brown thanks for the replies!