Antonio Callaway Worth adding?

Is Antonio Callaway worth stashing as a speculative add? Cooper Kupp is currently on my waiver wire but I only have one roster spot.

EDIT: Overall I realize that Kupp is the better pickup. I’m wondering more what Callaway’s potential upside is

Def add Kupp

Kupp over Callaway all day

lock up Kupp 100 percent, however i really like Callaway’s upside. who else do you have that you could possibly drop in favor of Galloway?

Like Cupp far more, but am rising on Callaway to wear I would probably add him over someone lower on your bench if you can.

would you drop robby anderson for callaway?

id try and trade Robby first off of the name, but if i have absolutely no option. i probably would. Enunwa is the guy to own in that offense. and you have BLOW PLOW getting numerous targets. Robby is strictly TD dependent for the time being imo.

Overall I realize that Kupp is the better pickup

I guess what I’m wondering is, what is Callaways projected upside? He’s playing tonight so I wouldn’t be able to drop him for tomorrow’s waivers.

Only other player I would consider dropping is Marvin Jones from my bench right now. I also got Breida and Enunwa.

Callaway is basically being suplanted into Josh Gordons role on the outside. He is the main target out there, but it can’t be ignored that they have Landry in the slot. He is an elite athlete who can blow the top off the defense (see last weeks TD). he was on the field for majority of snaps last week as well.

that being said. im not dropping jones breida or enunwa for Callaway.

If you have Enunwa as well, i think I probably would drop Anderson for Callaway. At least attempt to shop him before you do, just in case the name is still hot.

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Calloway or Clement? dynasty