Antonio Gibson Options

Looking for advice on what to do with Antonio Gibson. I used him for the first time last week for a bye week fill in, but thinking there are better options on waiver or maybe I’m overthinking it? But I don’t see really using him in place of my main RB’s unless one gets hurt. It’s PPR redraft league. The top waiver options at RB are:

Justin Jackson
D’Andre Swift

So would you drop Gibson for either of these two on waiver or maybe try to trade. fyi J.Kelley is also on waivers, i dropped him as I’m not on his hype train anymore.

I am also a Gibson owner. I am giving him one more week, vs Dallas. I think the usage will eventually be there. I think you can make a case for picking up either one of those RBs to replace Gibson. However, they carry their own issues: Jackson with Ekelor eventually returning and Kelley still there and Swift is in Detroit. Do you have other possible drop candidates? If Gibson has a big week against Dallas, you might be able to flip him.

I dropped Kelley because an owner dropped Bell (day before he signed!) so I bit on the potential of where Bell could land and dropped Kelley.

My other options are drop QB Herbert. I grabbed him to cover Rodger’s Bye week or Gesicki, I was holding him for when Kelce goes on Bye. It’s a 1QB league but everyone carries 2 and with the points Herbert has been putting up, I’d like him on my side than my opponent’s lol.

So i guess that leaves Gesicki or Bell.

I’d be comfortable dropping Gesicki over Gibson. Especially if he is just a one-week option. I would not drop Herbert. Actually think he could be better than Rodgers the next 2 weeks.