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Any Advice on my Full PPR Lineup?



We have a 10 man league, I was the 6th spot in the live Draft.


What the heck was everyone else in your league doing if you ended up with David Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins, and Gronk from the 6th spot?


HaHa! It was Great Right? I couldn’t believe their pulls, Aron Rodgers went on the 3rd pick. I took Gronk In the 3rd round.


Here is our Draft board:Live%20Draft%20Board


Those three alone will take you pretty far as long as they stay healthy. That being said, I don’t love your RB depth because of the uncertainty still surrounding Shady. If McCoy doesn’t end up facing any league punishment he’ll still need to put a terrible Bills team on his back all season. If he’s solid until Kerryon breaks out though I think you’ll be in good shape