Any big trades needed?

Hey guys. Just want to see your opinions of what YOU might do with my team.

12 man. .5 PPR. 7th place (8 makes playoffs). 3rd most points.

QB: Watson
WR: Thielen, Davantae, JuJu, Boyd (waiver claims on Sanu and Geronimo)
RB: Zeke, Ingram, Lamar Miller, Tevin Coleman
TE: Trey Burton

That’s a solid team. Surprised you aren’t higher with Zeke and Thielen and Juju. I guess your weaknesses would be that although Burton is fine, you could use an upgrade. Also miller and Coleman are fine depth but wouldn’t be excited to play them. Try and package miller or coleman with boyd to get a running back you like. Maybe buy low on Howard or Cook.


Your team looks very similar to one I have specifically that WR corps.

You have a strong team so I would just keep tabs on the struggling teams and try to trade for a stud during a bye week in exchange for a win this week kind of player. You should consistently be among the top scorers week in and week out.


Just an unlucky string of games. Dropped 150 and won by 30 last 2 weeks. Lost by 1 one game and week 1 had 4 positions combine for 0. In on the rebound!

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Ik the feeling all to well, I’ve scored the most points in my league but I have the 2nd most in points against. But early season struggles turned into higher waiver priority and stronger depth.