Any changes? Lineup inside

Screenshot_20181013-151528_Chrome thinking of starting Ridley over Sanders thoughts?

Ridley has a nice matchup this week so if you want the glory upside play, I would keep the lineup as is. Personally, even though it isn’t as fun or sexy I am putting Lynch in the flex over Ridley. Otherwise looks great. Love the team.

Any other opinons??@MikeMeUpp

Nah i’m starting Sanders. He’s Keenums fav target going against a rams D that is horrible at defending the slot. Got lit up by lockett and thielen back to back. Ridley you’re hoping for big plays and TDs. Sanders should be solid floor.

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What are your thoughts on john brown over manny? @MikeMeUpp

JB is a fine start as well. Butler is prone to giving up deep plays and has done so all season. He’s definitely more risky play than sanders though. If you don’t need the risk, I’d probably still play sanders.

Thanks again!! Just needed some good insight!