Any changes to be made? Any help would be great!

Full PPR, is there any changes you’d make? Any players I should package for a trade? Or any players I should target? Thanks!!!

What RB’s are available on the waiver wire.
If any halfway decent guy with potential like Chris Thompson, Ronald Jones or Mile Sanders is somehow available I’d pick him up and drop Dante Pettis.

Looks good except possibly Eckler being your RB2 now with Gordon back but now Jackson is hurt might not be too bad.

12 team. Not much on the waivers. Gore and Howard are the only ones there. And Howard is so unstable

Well to me your roster looks pretty good especially since its a 12 team league.
Maybe trade Evans or Edelman if you can get a RB1 for one of them but your fairly solid I don’t think you have to make any moves if no good trade offer presents itself.

I’d aggressively go after Ingram/Mack/Henry in that order… try to ship some combination of Ekeler/Sony/Watkins/Edelman/Lockett… Evans if you have to… RB2 is about to be a massive hole and I wouldn’t trust Sony to fill that… otherwise looks good… check waivers for somebody useful cause Pettis isn’t

Trade Lamar Jackson. Look at the rest of his schedule and trade him for the best you can get.