Any drafting advice please?

I’m in my first dynasty league this year and I’m wondering if my drafting strategy should be any didrent from a typical year to year redraft league? I’m picking 15th out of 16 teams.

One thing I will say is don’t be scared of drafting older players if the are looking like they are falling in the draft. Remember, winning this season is just as good as winning in 3 seasons


Agreed with the above, get a balance of course but I’m doing my first dynasty draft at the moment (picking 4 out of 12) going pretty well. You will notice a big run on rookies more so in your league of 16 i would say than mine, there are some really solid veteran starters that fall surprisingly far because of this 100% get them on board were needed.
Just do your research and have guys lined up, especially as the draft moves into the later rounds. I’ve got some good advice here and from my own research and grabbed some potential gems that other guys are ignoring now. In the last five rounds or so there seems to be a lot of panic drafting of just any players available and some good quality rookies or NO2 depth chart guys on key teams go unnoticed.

Also the rule of waiting for QB still applies but don’t leave it as long as you would in a redraft format. Good luck!

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Agreed with the above. Another would be (assuming it’s allowed, and I wouldn’t be in a league where is wasn’t), would be to not be afraid to trade back. You can get a TON of value.

I find that I often end up selling my first for a 2nd and another pick or two in the top 6ish rounds/rookie drafts (one in particular I can remember was my 1.08 for a mid 2nd, a 5th and a rookie 1st). I’ll then package some later picks to move up in the earlier rounds again.

Last tip: find the guy who overvalued rookie picks. There will be one, and you can get a lot of value out of him. Especially if you find a guy who undervalued them as well. Though I’d say that’s less common.


Yeah, I am doing my first one currently, picking 4 out of 12, but I wouldn’t overvalue youth, especially rookies. In my draft, Guice went round two, so I think getting a few veterans that drop due to age is a good strategy to follow.

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Wow Guice in round 2! I got him at the back of round 4 in my draft amazing how the values differ from draft to draft

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Thanks guys this is helping a lot! I appreciate all the tips and advice I can get! Super stoked for the season just wish it wasn’t so far away from starting!

Rookie valuations vary greatly in general, but more so in combined drafts. I took him in the late 3rd. May have been a bit high, but I think he’s that good.


IMHO I want 2 stud WRs and 2 solid WR2/3s with upside. RBs are important, but turn over often. Do not ignore them, but it is okay to take a stable of RB2s/3s with upside. I find WRs hold longer and you can grab new RBs in rookie drafts OR trade draft picks for guys with some tread but proven track record (i suggest this).

Otherwise, most people have said what I would suggest on top of this. Play for now with glances toward the future.


WRs definitely take priority over RB.


I’m current in a $750 myFFPC league and my brother in law and are in the 6th round of the inaugural draft. We are running circles around these bros because they are all drafting for 2-4 years down the road.

Draft for a mixture of win now and great young talent that you want to ride to many championships…

Third, trade away 2019 picks. It you’re gonna win now then your pick next year will 1.12. Who can you get there, someone Good who is flex worthy at best week one. So you won’t mind missing out on someone like Calvin Ridley if that lands you AJ green for or Zack Ertz for 5 amazing years.

Trade down to get a 3-5 picks in rounds 3-5 if possible. We traded away our 1 and 2nd picks in 2019 but as a result now have the following lineup (1 PPR, 6 PT all TD, 1.5 PPR TE)

Bell 1.06
Fournette (2.04) ** traded our 2.08 and 3.10 (picked up for a 2nd round 19 pick) for his 3.01
Ertz 3.01 (1.5 PPR for TE league)
AJ Green 3.08
Michel 4.07
Watson 4.08
Fitz 5.07
Tarik Cohen 6.07

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