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Any dynasty openings?


Avid ffballer looking to join a dynasty league; new or take over. Preferably yahoo - contact @co.poz3@gmail.com


If you want to start one, I’d join. I prefer yahoo for sure.


I would also join if you started one. Avid fantasy player looking to get into a new dynasty league.


Seriously if you started one you’d have 10 teams in no time on here. Email me. Pgfilms@msn.com


I’d be interested as well, email rewassel15@gmail.com. .5 PPR?


If I can find out a way to start a league in the offseason, I will be sure to send each of you an invite.
Also yes, .5 ppr.


I’ll join, I love Yahoo and want to try out dynasty, my email is jamie.spry.js@gmail.com


I’d love to join a dynasty league or take over an existing team. Dont Care about how bad the team is. Its a long term game


I’ll join too! Not on Yahoo using Sleeper but happy to join and experience the Yahoo one! Email is samstrach@hotmail.com


I’ll join as well! Email is smi51040@gmail.com


I’d join too. Email me if there’s an opening. Thanks rick65r@yahoo.com


I would love to join as well, especially if it the platform is yahoo! My email is ethanragsdale1991@gmail.com