Any early Championships?

Just curious!

I won my league with Mahomes still playing and adding to the beat down. Had CMC and Barkley. A glorious day for sure.


Oh wow- how much did you win by or are winning by?

And congratulations!

My opponent had the Colts D so he got 30 points - bullshit

I had Miles Sanders who had a great game but decided to lay down instead of scoring a TD which would have helped.

Thx. 161 - 105.

Nice. Congrats

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My first #FootClanTitle in the books!


Would have helped me too. I am up by seven points, playing Davante Adams and Preston Smith (IDP league) tomorrow and she has Boone. I have Cook, and dropped the ball indecisive about Boone, so I had to use a WR in flex . I dropped Kirk and added Ward which was a gain of ten points, hoping gets me that championship.



Oh hell yeah! I didn’t want to brag about it yet but I won my family league right after that horrible Seattle game…thanks Lockett. Excited to get my back to back ring. A total of 3 championships.


I’m the Cook owner. Had Mattison stashed all year. Then scooped up Boone. All three on my roster until news broke with who is active and starting picking up keep-away pieces from the opponent. Ended up not mattering! Good luck tonight.

Feels good to able to just watch tonight’s MNF football and not worry!


Yup. CMC and Kamara put my team on their back after Deshaun pulled what he did, and we brought home the ship and stopped our opponent from his three-peat. Thanks for all the answered questions this season everybody!

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If I’m in the lead with players left to go and they have no players left is it better to sit my guys or let them play anyways and hope for no fumbles?

Is your match up close?
I thought about this too- to just sit my 2 remaining players and take the win…but unless Aaron Jones fumbles 4 times I am fine. Stat corrections scared me- I’ve heard of people losing titles because of adjusted fumbles, or catches but that’s if a match up is close. If you have a definite lead- f it- NO MERCY.

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In one league I’m up by about 6 points and I have Mike Boone to play, and in my other league I have DaVante Adams and Mike Boone to play and I’m up by 9

With those numbers- I play it out.
You could be the respectful and humble winner but I’ll take more points.

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Alright thanks for the advice man

I’m up by 7.5 and only have Boone left, and my opponent is done. For now I have benched Boone. To be a gracious winner? HA! It’s because it seems the only possible way for me to lose is for Boone to have three fumbles and -17 net yards. As incredibly unlikely as that is, it technically is possible, so I figure I might as well just avoid the chance. The only way a stat correction gets me is if it’s to take away both a TD and like a 15 yard catch. I haven’t seen that happen all season (or anytime that I can remember, though I’m sure it has).

As I’m reading @Marencophoto’s posts I’m considering maybe putting him back in. Probably doesn’t matter either way, I just want to avoid the unbearable pain of somehow losing the title over something crazy. Good to see fantasy owners can torture themselves even in the face of certain victory. :sweat_smile:


It’s so funny that you just responded with this- I just went online to search “what is the possibility a fantasy player scores -8 points”?

I still have Boone, Mattison, Cook and Jones to plug in for tonight or bench them and just take the 8 point victory…but I hate my competition.