Any glaring needs, or keep it together?

We drafted last night in a .5ppr league. We took 24 rounds, and by the beginning of the season have to cut the roster to 20. Who should I drop, and is there any needs I need to address with trades?
QB: Andrew Luck, Andy Dalton
RB: Ezekiel Elliott, Jay Ajayi, Lamar Miller, Terrance West, Mike Gillislee, Derrick Henry, LeGarrette Blount, Jeremy Langford
WR: Jordy Nelson, Demaryius Thomas, Michael Crabtree, Terrelle Pryor, Donte Moncrief, Corey Coleman, Kenny Britt, Kenny Stills, Ted Ginn, Laquon Treadwell
TE: Tyler Eifert, Hunter Henry
PK: Mason Crosby
TD: Kansas City Chiefs

Your roster is stacked I would struggle to make the cuts I’d need. I’d look for players that other people are higher on than you.
I’d suggest package trading players like derrick Henry and Blount that in my opinion are over valued

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If I had to drop anyone from that roster, Langford would be the first to go. I do agree with rehzeh that you are in a great position for trade.

If this is a redraft league, offer A 2/3 tier RB and 2/3 tier WR in a package for a top 15 WR or RB. Maybe a Ajayi/Damaryus for a Shady or AJ. You get the best player in the deal and make a roster cut at the same time.

Thank you both. With doing so well in the draft, I didnt know where to start when it came to cuts or trades

I definitely think your first option should be to work some trades. The 2 for 1 scenario will help a lot. Just make sure that your 2 gets you the best player in the deal.

Wow man! You’re in a great position! Can’t add anymore to what they said, I agree. Bravo!

Go for the package trades as everyone has mentioned before, but if they don’t work out I would drop Langford, Treadwell, Ginn, and Stills (assuming this is redraft and not dynasty).

I’d love to see who the rest of your league picked up, cuz you are going to run them! A+

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The answer will depend to a certain extent on your league’s starting roster requirements and how many teams are in your league. As already mentioned, doing package deals to effectively make cuts is a great idea. But if you need to make cuts they are, in this order:


You could also consider cutting your backup qb and/or te. Depending on your league setup, there may not really be much reason to carry a backup at these positions. But you are currently holding 10 wrs and probably don’t need nearly that many (subject to roster requirements).

The league is 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 2 FLEX, 1 TE, 1 DEF and 1 K. And I am sure
on the cuts of Langford, Treadwel and Stills but I don’t hate Ginn in that
offense haha

No I totally agree, Ginn could be solid in that offence, and as you can tell by my order he is the last cut I make. But you do have to choose somebody for that 4th cut (assuming no 2 for 1 trades), and I’m not cutting any of your other rbs or wrs to keep him.

If Ginn is your guy, then you need to decide if you’re ok going without a backup te or qb. But also consider that for Ginn to be anything else but a bench spot, he needs to surpass 2 of Nelson, Thomas, Pryor, Crabtree and Moncrief, AND be a better option than both Coleman and Britt, and that just gets him into flex consideration against your rbs. There’s a strong chance that Ginn never cracks your roster, even on bye weeks.

That’s true. I didn’t even think about it like that. Was just being selfish
and didn’t want him scoring points for someone else haha. But he most
likely wouldn’t crack that list.