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Any hope for Buffalo?


Geez Louise. First they trade Sammy, now Howard is hurt. Shady can only do so much!!! Wth??? Is Buffalo ever gonna find a way back???


Probably not this year.


I know!!! But hopefully with the new Management…(as you said) maybe next year. (sigh) I first fell in love with the Bills back in the Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas and Andre Reed era. Made it to the SB 4 yrs in a row!!! Yeah…granted they never won any of them…but hey…they STILL were one of the top two teams that year. LOL…still think “SOMEBODY” was getting “under the table $$$$” for that “mess”!!! Anyway…just thinking trading Sammy was a BAD move!!! We’ll see.


*those years


OK…sorry y’all. Mentioned Howard in my OP…meant Mathews!!!


Long suffering Lions fan here. Isa


I feel your pain my friend!!! Just soooo would love to see some of these teams from “LONG AGO” find a way to make a “come-back”!!! Just gets old sometimes seeing the SAME OL’, SAME OL’ every year!!! Would love to see the Bills, Jets, Giants, etc. LOL…SOMEBODY BESIDES NE!!! (ok…sorry for the “reminiscing” here. Reckon I’m showing my age.) OK…AHEMMM…onto 2017-2018!!! LOL


Maybe when Brady and Belichick retire? Sorry, wish I could lend some hope.


LOl…couldn’t have said it better myself DFWB!!! As much as I hate it…have to agree!!! (sigh)