Any input?

Would you guys trade Aaron Jones and Kittle for Claypool and N Harris. Its a half point dynasty league.

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I would for sure entertain it for long term value with NH at rb. Especially if AJ Dillon is still available.



Similar to @bhebert2 says I’d entertain it. You are definitely getting younger but for the next few years I’d expect the Kittle side to score more. That said, I’m not in on Claypool. IMHO you’re really trading 2 upper end assets for 1 that they are saying (…coach speak…) they want to lower NH workload. The reason I’d consider it is .5PPR which nerfs AJ / Kittle just a bit.

I’d try to swap Claypool for a different asset. If no other reason for this year I’m dubious on PIT. Your NH side doubles down on PIT.

As it stands, I’d probably want the AJ / Kittle side. It’s close and I would not be mad with NH, but I feel better with AJ / Kittle. As stated, it’s certainly an offer worth considering. These are just my thoughts, though, and I’d just trust your gut and go that direction. Neither side is a “lose” which is somewhat rare for trade offers.