Any insight on how the Ballers do their D/ST rankings?

They vary (sometimes dramatically) from projections. Does anyone have any insight on how they put their rankings together? Are they more/less accurate than ESPN projections per say?

Just curious as I’m currently starting Steelers v Colts, but teams like Seahawks, Broncos, Browns, Eagles, and Jets are available.


I try to target bottom of the barrel offenses, bad weather, and backups/1st start QBs. Am taking a flier on Cleveland for the next couple of weeks for those reasons.

That’s a good approach, it’s just such a crapshoot. I like Cleveland situationally here a lot, they’re just hard to trust as well haha

I feel with DST that you are trying to limit the variables as much as possible.

Terrible O-Line?
New/rookie/3rd string QB, Ghost whispering QB, plodding/statue like QB?
Bottom 5 Offense?
50 mph winds, snow storm, tropical storm, etc?

Taking fliers on defenses isn’t as difficult from about week 6 on.

True, narrowed it to Seahawks and Browns. Seahawks have a lot of upside in the matchup as well

Taking a shot on the browns as well. Saints D on the bye Broncos new qb and the browns need to get winning in a bad way