Any interest in taking over a 3-1 footclan team. Owner has been kicked out. Details below

No need for payment and you’ll be up to win 1st place-$80 2nd place-$80.

12 team league

Message me for more details

I would possibly be interested. What’s the team look like

I would love to take it over if I could…
check your DM

Sounds like a great opportunity! I would for sure

Sorry guys it’s full

I’ll take the team forsure

yeah he kicked my out because i didnt agree with his bogus trade he did with a 0-4 team and he is 3-1 , along with that he refuses to give my money back , good luck with my team .

basically he is using my money to pay for new owner free entry that s how this dude runs this thing.

What was the trade lets be the judge lol… Im bored

0-4 team trade Gurley and some Qb for Stafford and L Miller to 3-1 team who already has L Bell and is commish

fact of the matter if you gonna kick me at least give my money back

Hahaha let’s at least be honest here. It was gurley for Baldwin and miller. Let’s note that you benched all of your players bc of this trade :joy: Let’s also note that I told you you’d be refunded in December when the leaguesafe allows the money to be dispersed

your not being honest thou

u should be a honest person return the money from ur own pocket if need be

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The new owner of his team should PayPal him his money back or the commissioner should refund him now and have the new guy buy in. I don’t feel it’s cool to mess with someone’s cash over this Footclan league thing and it would make me not trust joining a league of yours in my opinion

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thank you sir

I run 3 footclan leagues and no ones ever acted out like this over a trade (benched all of his players) especially after I sent out a poll that unanimously got voted for no vetos. Let’s also mention it’s a footclan $10 league In which all members are active and competitive. This isn’t the first problem with this guy, as you can see he straight up lied about the trade. The kick was just and I offered a refund. Not much more I can do. I’ll take pleasing 32/33 members

U never offered a refund now u stated I had to wait that shows what can of Commish I are

All i want is my entry fee back now it’s not fair I have to wait when I was kicked out the intergiy as a good Commish is what u fail to realize at this point the right thing is to refund now or have new owner pay pal me my entry . EVEN the forum voice their opinions

its all about the refund of entry fee at this point everything else dosent matter you should let this all end by refunding the fee so we all can move on but by you not shows that you must show your in control and hold it as hostage until you say i can have it even thou you kicked me out in week 4 i deserve to have it refunded asap.