Any interest in taking over a 3-1 footclan team. Owner has been kicked out. Details below

I agree that whoever the new owner is should pay the entry fee directly to the player removed or by way of an intermediary and then play it out…but the player removed shouldn’t have to wait to get their money back…if for no other reason than to get the whole episode over with…benching an entire roster because you don’t agree with a trade is childish as hell and I wouldn’t want that person in a league either but shouldn’t also be penalized financially…as for the trade there is no way that deal is collusive and barring absolutely provable collusion there should be no vetoes ever imo…just opens up these cans of worms for anyone who is pissy about a trade…


I was not being a child i was simple showing my disagreement for the trade between the commish 3-1 and a team 0-4 given away the number 2 running back in the game for nothing , needles to say the week had not started yet so i was not even given the opportunity to see if i decided to set my roster before week kicked off nor was i given a warning to set roster by a designate time or i would be remove instead i was instead kick out , never the less the main point is my league fee is now being help has hostage and making this whole thing draw out for the simple fact of ego , but i do agree the only way for us to move on is for my refund to be given asap

So i guess i will be posting a reply every day that my league fee is not return just so everyone will know what kind of commish this guy is . Being commissar is not picking when you want to make decisions it also has to making the right decision all the time , and it this case the right decision is to refund my fee any way possible the day you kicked me out not at end of season. Hopefully this info will help someone else understand how things are run before they join any of his leagues again.