Any of you fine people feel like helping with my dst?

So I’m surprised with how many people are picking up the colts. But maybe I’m missing something. I’m leaning toward Cleveland or Miami but really was hoping for some help. That’s what is available

If OBJ is out the Colts are a fine play but I would go either the Browns or the Dolphins in that order for a decent floor and ceiling play.

If I was in your position I’d just go Browns and watch them crush the Bengals at home.

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…think you just changed my mind about Dolphins. Going after the Browns DST today.

On the flip side, MIA is home against an unproductive, Cody Kessler led Jax. The game itself should be pretty low-scoring, so the floor is safe as heck for Mia D/ST. And Miami at home has been an absolute MONSTER this year.

Good luck!

Thanks a lot. I was thinking Miami or Cleveland.
Didn’t think about odj missing so that’s interesting

Agreed they are both fine plays and should be very similar come the end of the week to be honest. I don’t think you can go far wrong with either Miami or Cleveland this week

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Colts only make sense without OBJ. Browns are the safest bet because Cin lost everyone!

The saints d/st has been very good to me with the consistency the last 3-4 weeks and despite it being against the freaking steelers out of all the team freaking team, I’m rolling with them for one more Cinderella run. Even if Big Ben throws 2-3 TD, I still see them with the T/O and sacks to even out to little under 10 points.

Join me my friend