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Any one else feel like there are only 4-5 posters here who give input?


love the tools like rankings and the foot-cast etc. however, i really joined because i wanted a forum for communication between fantasy football players where everyone could give and receive information and analysis, but in my limited time on the forums it seems like there are a handful of posters who give insight and bounce ideas around, the rest just post questions of their own without offering anything in return. I joined this forum to bounce ideas off of others and gather different perspectives on players and trades, as well as offer some insight from an outside of league view (obvi it isnt wise to ask league mates for advice as they may sabotage you), but so far it seems like maybe 1/20 questions receives any input from other users on the forum. and the rest fall down into the mass of unread topics. The forum needs some kind of rep system or thank you button so that people who give their time to discuss problems with others can be identified easily have those same courtesies reciprocated.


There are plenty of others. Hang in there man, this is a good community. If you have posted something yourself and haven’t gotten any feedback bump you’re post up to the top of the list. There are a couple days a week where I’ll run down through the list, and add some feedback. And go to some old posts, because you’re right some people haven’t gotten any feedback, it happens once in a while. But people only see what’s on the main page, but this would be resolved if people bump their posts.


Thanks for the reply, i generally bump my posts once or twice, and if i dont get a response i just let it drift into oblivion, lol